Juggling in the sunset (Diabolo POV montage)

By: George Winter | Added: 4/12/2015 | Published Date : 0/6/2015

Hello everyone! My name is György Zima (or George Winter according to youtube :D ). This is my youtube channel which is dedicated to juggling. As my favorite one is diabolo, you will most likely run into those kind of videos. Since I have just started youtube, I have just a few videos, but I hope it's just a matter of time to see those numbers grow! You might think, juggling in general is a really hard thing to do properly, and requires a lot of talent to be good at. However my opinion is different. I consider juggling as a hobby which is mostly fun, although learning a new trick always needs patience and practice. That's why I'm planning to make tutorial videos as well as juggling montages, to make the learning easy and fun for you and for myself too, as jugglers can never reach a point, from which they can't improve more. I really hope my content will be either helpful or entertaining! Maybe both! Have fun!